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Future Projects

At Moosavi Design Group Architects, Inc, we are always looking to take on new and exciting projects. We are
proud of the innovative and functional designs we have created to date, and we look forward to the future with
great excitement. Take a look at our future projects and be inspired to collaborate with us for your next



Strive Compounding Pharmaceutical, Mesa, Az.

The new project will occupy over 100,000 Square feet in 2 stories at  Down Town Mesa District.

Our design team will be refurbishing/rejuvenating the existing abandoned Government building

into an Eco-friendly facility with respect to environmental issues.


Strive Compounding Pharmaceutical, Tampa, Fl.

This existing building will be rejuvenated to occupy a compounding pharmacy. Total area will be around 21,000 sq,ft. It will include Pharmacy, Clean Rooms, Hazard and non-Hazard laboratories, and shipping warehouse.



AutoFit Headquarter
Fontana, Ca.

A Major Development by Autofit company, located in 12.7 Acres Lot, will include series of ground up buildings estimated at: 400,000 sq ft Autofit headquarter, 200,000 sq.ft. as 5 stories of mixed use buildings, including Retail shops, 4 story residential dwelling units and a subterranean parking structure.


Kinkaid Construction Company, Mesa, Az.

A ground up Development by Kinkaid company, located in 9 Acres Lot, will include series of ground up buildings. First phase estimated at: 25,000 sq ft,  as headquarter office and related workshops.

03-CC Patio MFG.jpg


CC Patio Manufacturing Company, Phoenix, Az.

A ground up Furniture manufacturing building, is intended for production of locally fabricated outdoor furniture, and is projected to occupy 35,000 square feet in 2 stories.

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