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Charley Carlat

Mr. Charley Carlat has over 11 years of architectural visualization experience in 3D and 4D design, advanced modeling extensions, and rendering. He also graduated with a Bachelor's degree in digital animation at UACT in Phoenix, Arizona.

My Story

Charley's knowledge in virtual reality and parametric model building rendering enables us to effectively communicate our designs in creating a real life vision for our clients in a variety of sophisticated ways. As an artist, designer and graphics specialist, his creativity and fresh ideas are a major help during the preliminary design process.

Mr. Carlat is dedicated to continue research and study on development of new methods for point of view animation, walk-through, and fly-bys.

Charley's mission is to create with better speed and accuracy while always maintaining the highest degree of quality in his creation


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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