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Green Projects

Over the past several years, Moosavi Design Group Architects, Inc.  has been involved in many commercial, healthcare, industrial, and high-density multifamily projects. Given the significant interest in future-oriented endeavors and construction in the United States, particularly in congested areas in the vicinity of polluted cities, and to mitigate the impacts of greenhouse gases on the community and advance sustainable designs, we aim to collaborate with Sustainability Specialists, from all over the World coordinating Eco-friendly implemented tactics.

In order to enhance Moosavi Design's projects, we are willing to cooperate with Specialists in Sustainable Design and techniques for diminishing building environmental repercussions. Our future goal is to focus on Building Performance Energy Efficiency, Eco-friendly Materials, Renewable Energy, Solar-powered Techniques, Zero-energy Building Design, Wastewater Management



Strive Pharmaceutical Facilities, Mesa, Arizona

The new project will occupy over 100,000 Square feet in 2 stories at Down Town Mesa District. Due to being within the vicinity of Metro Light Rail, this facility will be using City of Mesa public transportation incentives and lead to parking reduction.


Moosavi Design Group Architects will be refurbishing/rejuvenating the existing abandoned Government building into an Eco-friendly facility with respect to environmental issues. In addition, we will utilize Solar-powered energy alternatives to provide electricity for the entire facility. This will be one more step toward our goal creating sustainability advancements.


AutoFit Headquarter Major Site, Fontana, Ca.


A ground-up future Development, located in 12.7 Acres Lot, will include a 2 Story anchor building for the Autofit company, estimated at 400,000 square feet total area.  

This Tall building will be surrounded by 5 stories of mixed use facilities, including Retail shops at ground level, 4 story residential dwelling units above and a subterranean parking structure, for a total of 200,000 square feet.

The entire complex and new development will be designed as a sustainable echo-friendly facility throughout.

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CC Patio MFG., Phoenix, Az.

This upcoming project is intended for manufacturing and production of locally fabricated outdoor furniture, and is projected to occupy 35,000 square feet. The roof top will be equipped with solar-powered energy alternatives.

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